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    In this short review, we'd like to discuss the WeMo Insight Smart Plug. It's a small, yet innovative device that allows the user to connect multiple devices at once. We'll discuss both the pros and cons to help you understand the inner mechanics of the device. By the end of this post, you'll have enough confidence to buy a smart home device. All of our information is backed by verified sources. This ensures that you'll have the right information so you can make the right purchasing decision. Wemo Insight Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled Our main goal is to help you build your own smart home. Smart homes help users save thousands of dollars annually. Also, they can be monitored and controlled when you're away from home or on vacation. Take a look into the WeMo Insight in this review in order to enhance your home's utility and appearance. About The Product Technical specs: Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant Compatible Simple Installation Pre-Programmed Schedules & Timer Feature Compatible with Other Manufacturers (Honeywell, Overview After unboxing the device, we've noticed how easy it was to set up. Simply plug a WeMo Insight Smart Plug device. After that, you have to control the appliances and lights from your phone. The process takes about 20 minutes maximum and is a great choice for beginners wanting to start their own smart hub. One thing that sets it apart from other devices is its affordability. Most smart hub devices require you to pay for a subscription to use their services. But, the WeMo delivers their smart home services to users free of charge. You can find it on Amazon for the low price of $50. Most homeowners, tend to forget how much energy their electrical appliaces consume. WeMo Insight solves this problem with its energy monitoring feature. It allows the user to track each electrical device that's plugged in and remove the ones that take up too much energy. Wemo Insight Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled The schedule and timer feature is what makes this product stands out. Users can create a timer that lasts for up to 5 hours before it automatically shuts off. This gives the user the ability to use their appliances at will and turn them off even when they're not at home. We also like how this device is compatible with other smartphone devices. The WeMo Insight is compatible with Android and iOs systems. Users like this smart hub system because it can use their phones to utilize their appliances in one setting. The WeMo insight will protect your homes more efficiently than a mechanical timer. It has an away mode feature that gives the illusion that someone is living at your home. The lights will begin to turn on and off randomly to confuse potential burglars. This is a great feature if you want to protect your home from invasions and intruders. Users should look out for this product's lack of durability. 20% of consumers noticed the device becoming faulty after 2 months. Find a replacement if this event occurs to keep your smart home running properly. Still, the WeMo Insight is one of the best smart hubs on the market. It protects homeowners from invasions, helps them schedule a specific time for their appliances, and is easy to install. VIEW ON AMAZON Buying Advice We recommend this smart hub device for homeowners and apartment residents with little space. What Network System Should I Use? When getting your first smart hub device, it's important to know what system is needed. The two most popular systems are Z-Wave and ZigBee. Z-Wave works by replacing the user's existing wires and places them on a smart home network. Since it is a mesh network, it uses only radio waves to detect signals between connecting devices. ZigBee is a smart home network that is run by a transmitter. A message is placed on the transmitter, and it searches for the best path. It finds it by moving in a zig zag pattern and sending it to the right location. Because of this, it's fast and is recommended for small apartment owners. How Many Devices Can It Hold? Know how many devices can work with your smart hub before buying. For the average user, you'll only need a few devices in a network. However, you should look for a larger smart hub If you live with multiple people at home. Some high-end smart hubs can hold up to hundreds of devices without failure. However, having too many appliances can cause too much interference on the network. The WeMo Insight can hold up to 5 devices without losing its quality. What Smart Devices Should I Add? It's entirely up to you! Here is a list of the current smart devices that are available: Manage Energy Costs From Your Phone Smart Cameras: These surveillance cameras know the difference between home residents and intruders. When a burglar is spotted, smart cameras notify you of their location and contacts the local law enforcement. Smart Lights: Smart lights consist of LED lighting which saves more energy than traditional light bulbs. They help users save energy by automatically turning off their lights when they're not in use. Smart lights can be toggled almost anywhere, and can stop intruders from entering your home. ​Smart Speaker: This is commonly seen on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of using your phone to control the speakers, you can create voice commands to change the song. Smart speakers are great for scheduling dates, ordering pizza, and displaying weather forecasts. ​Smart Plug: A smart switch or a plug is the fastest way to turn your house into a smart home. They allow the user to connect a lighting source (lamps, ceiling lights, etc) to the switch and connect to a smart network. This allows users to control the lighting by their phone and turn them off when they are not in use. Locks: Unlike traditional locks, smart locks allow the user to create temporary passes to guests and see who is using your door. Also, you have the lights automatically turn on when you enter your home via a smart lock. Concluding Thoughts We believe that smart homes are a great way to utilize your living space. The WeMo Inspire helps users create their own smart hub faster than competing devices. Ultimately, buying this product will ensure that your home is safe and is fully controlled by you.

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