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    Making a smart home requires a bit of effort. This goes especially for apartments where there is limited living space. Fortunately, there are a few smart devices that are available. That's why you should look at the Etekcity Wireless Remote.

    In this short article, we want to discuss the Etekcity Wireless Remote. It's a fast and functional system that allows for users to track their devices. Throughout this post, we'll show why this smart hub system can enhance the utility of your home.

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    To become a more informed buyer, we suggest that you look at our buying advice section. We'll show you the technical specs that you should look for in your device. You'll have enough confidence to invest in the right smart hub system by the end of this post.

    About The Product The Etekcity Wireless Remote is one of the most versatile smart hubs in the market. It allows users to track their devices with ease. Users can control their products at any location and can be bought at Amazon for the price under $36.

    Technical specs:

    Signal Range up to 100 feet Saves energy after power outage Activates multiple devices with one remote control Remote Outlet Sync Simple Installation Overview The first thing we've noticed is the device's signal range. When turned on, the remote creates a signal from up to 100 feet. This makes it easier for users to control their devices without losing its quality. You should look at this device if you want something that works in every area in your house.

    We like the remote because of its energy conservation. For instance, the outlets will stay off to help save energy. Also, it grants users the ability to turn off their devices after a certain amount of hours. Buy this device if you want to save money on your electric bills and save hundreds of dollars annually.

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    Another feature that we like is it's minimal, yet practical design. The device has a simple ON and OFF switch that can be toggled with one button. Also, you can control all of your electronic appliances through your phone. You'll like this smart hub system if you want a fully functional smart home device.

    And, the receivers are pre-programmed with transmitters. This means that you can start using the device immediately after opening it. Users like the Etekcity Wireless Remote because it reduces the amount of guesswork and it's easy to use.

    Consumer across the board complained about the product's weak units. They have a lifespan of only 2 months before it drops in quality. We suggest returning the device for repairs if this problem occurs.

    Overall, we think that the Etekcity Wireless Remote is one of the best smart devices in the market. It's quick, has a long range, and allows them to control their appliances with ease. You should get this product if you want to optimize every device in your home.

    VIEW ON AMAZON Buying Advice In this section, we'd like to discuss certain factors that make up a good smart home device. Read this section if you're unsure, planning, or contemplating on buying your first piece of equipment. It will help you research better and help you save more money.

    Control Most of your smart devices will come with an app that you can control with a tablet or a phone. Some of the devices integrate with wearables such as Pebble and the Apple Watch. Singular smart home lights have an app where users can control the appearance, color, luminance, timing, and schedules at their disposal.

    Wireless Electrical Outlets. For new users, we suggest integrating a light into your smart home. Doing this will allow you to add voice control, temperature, automatic lighting and other interesting features.

    Device Integration Even if you're not planning on integrating your smart devices soon, we suggest doing so in the future. Most smart home manufacturers use popular protocols that are supported by home hubs. The most popular networks and software are ZigBee, Insteon, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

    Research what smart home equipment you like and purchase smart devices that have the same protocol. You'll have more control over your appliances and add more to your home.

    Price Price is an important factor in any smart home buying plan. When making a smart home, some users tend to spend hundreds, if not thousands on equipment. But you don't have to spend this much to create a smart home.

    On average, a basic smart home will cost $200. They come with a few smart devices and will include a hub or a bridge to control it all. We recommend investing in the Etekcity Wireless Remote because of its affordable.

    What Smart Home Device Should I Buy There are a multitude of smart home devices that you can buy for your home. Here is a list of all of the smart home devices you can use:

    Etekcity Zap Programmable remote switches Smart Home Locks – Secure your home by buying a pair of smart home locks. Users can give temporary door passes to guests and can prevent intruders from entering the home. Smart Cameras – Smart cameras keep your home safe by keeping your home alert. They can spot intruders and call the police during an emergency. ​Smart Lights – Users like smart lights because they are cheaper than incandescent and fluorescent lights. They are connected to the wall and are operated via a remote. With smart lights, you can control them before you enter your home. Voice Control Systems - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the most popular voice control systems. These devices come with multiple apps and can be used to order food, deliver weather reports, and play music. Closing Remarks To conclude, the Etekcity Wireless Remote is one of the best smart hub devices in the market. It's quick, has an effective signal range, and can be used in any location. Mainly, you should look into this device if you want a fully functional home and a great living experience.

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