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    Creating a smart home isn't difficult. All it takes is the right set of products to help transform your home. That's why we'll be reviewing the GE Wireless Smart Outlet today. It's a functional device that allows users to control all of the electrical appliances in their home. Lighting Control. Source: byjasco.com Our goal is to teach you how the GE Wireless Smart Outlet is beneficial for your home. We'll thoroughly discuss the pros and cons associated with this product. By the end of this article, you'll have to decide if this smart home device is right for you. About The Product You can transform your home into a smart home with the GE Wireless Smart Outlet. It replaces your current electrical outlet, uses the existing wiring and provides Z-Wave network for you to connect your devices onto. Look into this product if you want to enhance the appearance of your home. Technical specs: Compatible with fluorescent, LED, and other lighting up to 600 watts Works with Amazon Alexa Complete Control Versatile and Flexible Blue LED Device Indicator Overview One feature that we like is its compatibility with all light sources. Competing devices are limited; only able to use LED or fluorescent lighting. The GE Wireless places itself above the competition by being compatible with LED, xenon, CFL, and fluorescent lighting. Plus, the device gives the user the most control over their devices. For instance, you can create customized settings for each device to be turned on and off. This conserves energy and helps users utilize their devices at any location. Shoppers like this device because of its easy installation. On average, you'll have to take 40 minutes to install it. Simply add the neutral wires and connect them to the device. After that, you can connect up to 5 different appliances to be used throughout your home. In fact, the GE Wireless comes with an Away feature. When toggled on, the lights within your home will turn on and off randomly to confuse possible intruders. Wireless Smart Lighting Control Source: spoofee.com This product is great for users who want to keep their homes safe while they're out on vacation. And, we like how the GE Wireless helps users save energy. It allows users to check the energy usage of each appliance. Also, it helps them remove the appliances that are wasting too much power. Get this smart home device if you want to save money on your energy bills. You might want to watch out for the device's connection issues. Some shoppers would receive a failed connection after a few hours of usage. Get a replacement if this happens to prevent future issues from occurring. The GE Wireless Outlet is one of the best smart outlets available. It protects users from intruders and provides ultimate control. You can find it on Amazon for about $45. VIEW ON AMAZON Buying Advice How do you create a smart hub? This will depend on what type of smart devices you'll find at your home. Some hubs are supported through more platforms than others. Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle Outlet The major smart hub networks are Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth. Some devices support every connection. But there are some that work with only a few. So make sure that you utilize what you have and buy a hub that supports the different devices. We suggest that you make a list of what devices you have and how they connect. You'll also need to factor in what you will want to add in the future. Once everything is written down, you'll find it easier to see what your smart hub needs to do. You should also consider getting a smart hub app. Since you'll be controlling your appliance from one place, you'll have to make sure that the app works on a day-to-day basis. While you won't be able to try all of the features, it's important to download the app before buying a smart hub. Types Of Smart Home Devices Here is a short list of the smart home devices that can be used: Smart Plug: A smart plug is the easiest way to make your home appliances "smart." You can create schedules for your plugs on and off and connect them to other devices. Thermostats: One of the benefits of having a smart thermostat is that it can be controlled anywhere. Users can remotely set temperatures in their house via a tablet or a smartphone. Light Switches: If you have a lot of lightbulbs at your home, replacing them with smart bulbs might be expensive. That's why you'll need to opt for a light switch. Light switches help users create schedules and control their lights at while they're away from home. ​Smoke Detector: This smart device alerts your smartphone if a fire occurs. Also, they can turn on the lights in your home, making it easier for homeowners to get out of the house safely. Robot Vacuums: Robot vacuums stop the accumulation of pet hair and dust. They are low profile and can clean tight spaces like under your dresser or bed. No matter what device you buy, they must be compatible to work. Buy your smart home devices from the same manufacturer so that they'll operate properly. What Are The Benefits Of Using Smart Homes Convenience is the main reason why users opt in for smart devices. Smart homes were designed to make controlling your home easier and more intuitive. You can turn off the oven while you're at work and turn the lights on as soon as you enter home. You need to look for a smart home that makes your life easier. This will save you time, money, and can allows you to monitor your devices under one remote. Thus, you need to invest in a smart home so you can maximize the performance of your appliances. Wireless Smart Lighting Control Closing Thoughts We believe that the GE Wireless Smart Outlet is one of the best smart devices available. It's affordable, effective, and works well with other products. You should look into this smart hub system to enhance the quality of your home.

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