Smart Outlets: What Are They?

Elizabeth Frank10 Jan 2022

If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to building your dream smart home, smart outlets are a great place to start. These solutions make it simple to convert a wired appliance with an on/off switch in your home to an automated one. You can use Alexa, another smart home device, or your voice to control a variety of tiny household equipment. Plug-in appliances such as coffee makers, fans, televisions, and table lamps may all be transformed into smart gadgets with the help of smart outlets.

What is a smart outlet?

Smart outlets are devices that plug into an outlet and allow you to control them wirelessly. They can be controlled by voice commands or another smart device, such as Alexa. You can also use smart outlets to control lights, TVs, and other appliances in your home with your voice. You can program these outlets to work with your appliances and create automation in your home. For instance, you could use an outlet to turn on a TV when the sun sets, or you could just put it on a timer so the TV turns on when you come home from work.

Another great feature is that smart outlets can be set up in any room or anywhere in the house, so that no matter where you are in your home, you're able to control them from any point with your phone or voice. You'll be able to see all of your devices on an app so that you can check their status and monitor them from anywhere.

The Benefits of Smart Outlets 

Smart outlets are helpful for a variety of reasons. Smart outlets make it easy to control your appliances. Smart outlets make it possible to appear at home while you’re away by controlling your appliances remotely. You can also use them as a security system for your home, turning lights on and off automatically when you enter or exit the premises. And with voice commands, you can control these devices without having to touch a switch.

Besides convenience and security, smart outlets offer an extra layer of protection from potential electrical hazards around your home. Although the outlet may not provide enough current to power a large appliance, it will shut down if there is too much electricity flowing through it. Additionally, if there is a power surge or other malfunction that causes the outlet to trip out, the outlet will immediately turn off in order to prevent any damage from happening.

Another benefit of smart outlets is that they can make your life more convenient. Smart outlets are convenient for people with certain disabilities, who may not be able to operate some of the technology that smart outlets can control. For busy people, smart outlets are a boon. You can program your smart outlets to go off at different times of the day, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to plug things in. You can also set up your outlets to sync with Alexa so that you can control them using the Amazon virtual assistant instead of your voice. Smart outlets are great ways to make life more convenient and comfortable.

Moreover, smart outlets can save you money on your utility bills because the appliances will automatically turn off when they're not in use. Also, smart outlets allow you to create an entire system with voice controls using Alexa and other voice-activated systems like Google Home or Apple HomePod.

Features to Consider Before Buying Smart Outlets

Energy Monitoring

The best part about smart outlets is their ability to monitor energy consumption. Smart outlets are able to measure how much energy each appliance consumes, and then you can use that information to help make your home more energy-efficient. You'll have the ability to see which appliances don't need as much power as others, so you can turn them off or unplug them when they're not in use. This will save you money on electricity bills by plugging in your appliances accordingly.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri are compatible with smart outlets. If you want to control your appliances using voice commands, then you'll want to make sure that your smart outlets are compatible.

Other platforms that support voice assistants and voice-enabled devices include IFTTT, Wink, and Logitech Harmony.

Scheduling Ahead Of Time

Smart outlets can save you time by giving you the ability to schedule an appliance on or off. You can use a smart outlet to set up a coffee maker that automatically starts brewing at 6 a.m. every morning and turns off when the pot is done. In addition, you can also set up lights in your home to turn on after sunset.  The scheduler within a smart outlet allows for easy automation of appliances and lights in your home.

Easy Setup

A lot of smart outlets are plug-and-play, so installation and setup are a breeze. These devices can be connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even your smartphone. Additionally, many smart outlets come in a variety of colors to match your home's decor.

How do smart outlets work?

Smart outlets are designed to "learn" what type of appliance they are connected to and adjust the power they provide accordingly. For example, if you have a coffee maker plugged into a smart outlet, it will know when you're using it so it can automatically cut off power when you're done. This helps conserve energy and is an easy way to keep your home running smoothly.

When designing your smart outlet, make sure that you consider which features you want to use and whether or not they'll be compatible with your setup. Some outlets require the installation of additional hardware in order to function, so be sure to think about how much space this may take up on your wall.

Another important consideration is whether or not any of the devices you want to control with a smart outlet need a WiFi connection in order for them to work properly. If you're planning on installing any smart outlets near a router, make sure that you will be able to reach the device from anywhere in your house.


Smart outlets have the potential to change the way you do your laundry, make coffee, and read the newspaper. But before you spend money on these newfangled devices, there are a few things you need to know that this article mentioned.

Smart outlets allow you to control your energy usage through your mobile device and also make your life more convenient. They’re compatible with a variety of different voice assistants and can be scheduled ahead of time for quick setup. In addition to that, they monitor your energy usage and allow you to adjust your home’s temperature accordingly.

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