How Smart Outlets Work: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Smart Outlet

Elizabeth Frank11 Jan 2022

Smart outlets are a revolutionary way to simplify your life. With these new devices, you can charge your device and control the outlet remotely from anywhere in your home. This guide will help you understand what smart outlets are, how they work, and how best to use them. Read on to learn more about smart outlets and how they can change the way you live!

What is a Smart Outlet?

Smart outlets, also referred to as smart sockets or Wi-Fi-enabled sockets, are designed for a single purpose: to provide power. Unlike traditional outlets that require you to install a three-pronged plug in order to properly charge your device, smart outlets have built-in technology that allows them to automatically detect plugged-in devices and shut off when they're done charging. This means you don't have to worry about turning off your device or forgetting to unplug it before leaving the room.

Some other benefits of using smart outlets include the ability to control your outlet remotely, monitor energy usage in real-time, and change the settings on your outlet remotely.

How Do Smart Outlets Work?

Smart outlets use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with a receiver found within your device. This way, you don’t have to worry about plugging in your device or forgetting to turn off the outlet before leaving. Smart outlets also have a built-in timer that shuts off the power after 30 minutes of inactivity.

In addition, smart outlets work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can control your outlet from anywhere using voice commands. With smart outlets, you can easily manage your energy consumption while also being able to charge your devices quickly and easily.

Smart Outlet Setup And Use

Smart outlets are simple to install and operate. They usually come with a wall plate, a power cord, and remote control. You can also find ready-to-use smart outlet kits that include everything you need to get started.

Before using your device for the first time, you will need to charge it. This is accomplished by plugging the power cord into an outlet and connecting it to your device with the included power cable. The power cable slides into a port on the back of the device, so there’s no need to remove or cover any hardware or ports on the device itself. Once your device is charged, you are ready to start controlling your smart outlet from anywhere in your home! To set up and use your smart outlet, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the power cord coming from your normal outlet into a new one (the one that has been installed into an existing wall). 
  2. Connect the included power cable to your smart outlet, then slide it into a port at the back of the unit, then plug in your device. 
  3. Install a wall plate on each side of where you want this new outlet installed (this usually involves installing screws into drywall). The plates generally have screw holes already drilled out for easy installation if you don’t want to drill them yourself. 
  4. Inform the Smart Outlets app of your model number via their website or mobile app.

The Best Ways to Use Smart Outlets

Many people are unaware that smart outlets exist. They might be surprised to learn that their outlet is actually a smart outlet. These devices are meant to make your life easier by offering remote control and convenience features. You can even schedule timers for your appliances so that they turn on when you need them the most.

Some of the best ways to use smart outlets include:

  • Use a timer to help keep your place clean by turning off lights, chargers, and other appliances when you're away.
  • You can turn on or off the power to another outlet using smart outlets.
  • Use a timer to help you save money by shutting off your TV or other devices when you're sleeping.
  • Saving power without giving up convenience by turning down the temperature of an appliance or room is possible.
  • Set up a guest profile for guests in your home so they have access to certain gadgets.

The Benefits of Using Smart Outlets

If you're like most people, your phone is always on. Whether you're going about your day or just sitting at home, it's likely your phone is plugged into a power source. But what does that have to do with smart outlets? Smart outlets allow you to charge your device while controlling the outlet from anywhere in your home. If you're away from home and aren't able to charge or turn off your devices, you can use these outlets to control those appliances remotely.

One of the biggest benefits of using a smart outlet is that it can save you time. These outlets are great for charging your phone and other devices when you're not home. If you want to plug in your device, simply tell your smart outlet what to do through the app!

Another benefit of these outlets is that they are better for the environment. Smart outlets work by measuring power usage throughout your home, so if an outlet isn't being used, it will automatically shut off. With this technology, you're less likely to waste electricity and help decrease your carbon footprint.

Smart outlets also offer convenience when it comes to controlling them remotely from anywhere in your home. This feature can be especially helpful if you have multiple people living in your house or if one person doesn’t know how to use the outlet well enough.

Smart Outlet Safety Tips

Do not overload your smart outlet with too many devices. If you have more than one device plugged into the outlet, it will try to put out a higher wattage than it can handle, and your appliance could get damaged or destroyed.

Don’t put hot objects on your smart outlet (like coffee pots). This could cause damage to the outlet and cause the life of the appliance to shorten significantly.

Don’t cover up your smart outlet with furniture or other objects that block its view. This can make it difficult for the device to detect a plug being inserted into it.


Smart outlets are a great way to save money, time, and energy in your home. They can be a bit confusing to set up and use, but they’re worth the effort!

With a few easy steps and some practice, you’ll be saving money and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Smart outlets are the ultimate convenience and can be used in any room of your home.

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