Why And How To Repair A WeMo Plug That Hasn't Been Detected

Elizabeth Frank04 Feb 2022

If you’re ever having trouble turning on your WeMo, or if it just won’t turn on at all, there may be a problem with your WeMo plug. Not Detected: WeMo Plug can be a frustrating problem because it can mean the power is out and you don’t have any idea what to do. In this guide, we’ll help you fix a not-detected WeMo plug and turn it back on.

What is a WeMo Plug?

A smart plug made by Belkin that allows you to control small appliances from anywhere in the world is called the WeMo. Using WeMo plugs, you can also control the lights, the thermostat, and other small appliances that are connected to your home's network. Due to the fact that they allow you to control small appliances from a distance, WeMo plugs are an excellent way to save energy. Using WeMo plugs, you can also set up a smart home network, allowing you to control your electronics from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

Why Is The WeMo Plug Not Detected?

If you have a WeMo plug that doesn’t turn on, there are a few possible reasons.

1. The WeMo plug is not powered.

If you have a WeMo plug that won’t turn on and your home has power, check to see if your WeMo plug is plugged into an outlet. The best way to test this is by unplugging all of your other appliances and turning them back on one by one within 10 minutes of unplugging the WeMo plug. If all of the appliances turn on but your WeMo doesn’t, then there’s a problem with the outlet or something else in your house. If all of the appliances turn off when you unplug the WeMo, and it turns off, then it means that there isn’t enough power to run both it and other devices in your house at once. If this is the case, you can buy a surge protector for your home to provide extra power.

2. The WeMo plug is not plugged into a wall outlet.

You can also check to see if the WeMo plug is plugged into a wall outlet by unplugging it, then holding the WeMo in your hand and plugging it back in while watching the light on it blinks. If you see the light blink multiple times, then there’s a problem with the outlet or something else in your house. If you don’t see any blinking lights, then there’s no power going to your WeMo plug and it will not turn on. To fix this issue, you can either buy another power strip that has enough power for both your WeMo and other devices, or create a smart home network with an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home speaker so that you can control all of your electronics from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet device.

3. The WeMo plug is not turned on and needs to be reset.

If you receive an error message when you attempt to turn on the WeMo, this indicates that there is a problem with the plug itself, and it must be reset. To accomplish this, unplug your WeMo from the wall outlet and hold the WeMo plug in your hand while simultaneously pressing and holding the button on top of the device for 15 seconds, as shown below. This will reset the plug, allowing you to plug it back into an outlet and attempt to turn it on once more if necessary. If you do not see any error messages, it indicates that your WeMo is functioning properly and that it only needs to be reset if you encounter errors while attempting to turn it on for the first time.

How To Fix A WeMo Plug That Is Not Detected?

1. Connect your WeMo to a different outlet.

The likelihood is that your WeMo will not be detected by WeMo if you have plugged it into the incorrect electrical outlet. Putting it in an outlet near the device itself will help you connect to and control it from your phone or tablet.

2. Reset the WeMo by pressing and holding the button for 15 seconds.

If you have seen error messages when trying to turn on your WeMo, then there may be a problem with its internal settings or with the electrical circuit in which you plugged it in. To fix this issue, follow these steps: First, make sure that the plug is switched off. b. Press and hold the WeMo's top button for 15 seconds. c. The LED will flash blue for about a second after 15 seconds, and then it will go out. d. Press the button again to turn your WeMo on again (if you see any error messages, then repeat this step).

3. Unplug it to reset it.

Restart the WeMo by unplugging it from its power source and plugging it back in after a few minutes.


You can control your smart home devices (lights, switches, fans, and other items) from your smartphone or tablet using the WeMo Plug, which is a fantastic little piece of technology. So, those are the simple steps you can take if your WeMo is not functioning properly. If you still have problems after following these steps, you can contact the customer service department. They can help you figure out how to solve the problem.

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