Is Google Home Working With WeMo?

Elizabeth Frank08 Feb 2022

Google Home is the voice-activated assistant that has taken over many of the functions of your phone. But is it really working with WeMo? In this post, we’re going to explore how to use Google Home with WeMo and see if there are any benefits to using one together.

What is WeMo?

WeMo is a brand name of Belkin International Inc. They are known for their small electronic products that connect to the internet. WeMo products are always marketed as multi-room solutions, as they connect to other smart devices to create a connected environment. The WeMo line of smart home devices includes light switches, plugs, motion sensors, weather sensors, and door/window sensors. The WeMo Link works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones and tablets in order to facilitate this connectivity. When you want to control a device from your smartphone or computer, simply click on the link on the device you wish to control and click on the voice command button that appears through the Google Home app.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is the new voice-activated Google Assistant that was announced at the Google I/O 2017 event. It is the successor to Google Now and it brings voice search, conversational commands, and more to your home. It’s a small square device that you can place anywhere in your home where you can instantly connect to it through a simple command. Google Home works well with WeMo devices as it will relay data from them back to your phone or computer: when Wi-Fi is turned on or off, when the temperature changes, when someone unlocks the front door, and much more. All of this can be accomplished without the use of any buttons or clicks. You just have to speak into the Google Home device in order for it to activate the appropriate action on the WeMo smart device.

Are WeMo and Google Home Compatible?

Google Home is compatible with WeMo home automation devices. It works with most of the devices on the market. It can control any device that is compatible with Alexa or WeMo. The only limitation is that it will only control the device with your voice commands and turn on/off the device without you having to press any buttons or say anything by itself.

How Do I Set Up Google Home With WeMo?

Setting up a Google Assistant on your WeMo devices is an easy process and only takes a few minutes:

  1. First, you’ll need to pair your WeMo with your home Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Google Home app on your phone, and tap the Google Home icon (it looks like a speaker).
  3. Tap "Connected Devices" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Search for WeMo and tap your device to connect it to your account using the code that you can find on its bottom. Then, you will have to activate the skill for WeMo devices, in case you have not done it yet: Go to Settings > Home Control > Google Assistant > Enable My Home Control with WeMo (under Voice Match setting). You will now be able to control any of your devices with just a command from Google Assistant: "Turn off kitchen light" or "Lights upstairs off" or even something more complex like "Set temperature in the living room to 45°F by saying ‘Alexa, activate WeMo on WeMo downstairs".

The Advantages of Using Google Home and WeMo Together

If you have already decided to invest in WeMo home automation devices, Google Home is one of the best companions you can get. It can not only help you control your home but also improve your everyday life. For example, you could use Google Home to activate the lights before sunset or turn off the lights during peak hours to save energy. You will also be able to change your thermostat settings using Google Assistant and have more control over the temperature inside your home. Google Home is a fast and stylish speaker that has the capability of providing all kinds of information, from news to weather forecasts, with a natural voice command system that will make it easy for anyone to operate. Besides, Google Home's advanced voice interface technology makes it easy for everyone to use their voice to control all these appliances in order for them to perform their duties. It can also be used to play your favorite music and top songs by just asking with your voice. You may also use it to control the applications you most often use on your smartphone and tablet, such as Google Chrome, YouTube, or Gmail. The great thing about WeMo is that you can easily reprogram the WeMo-enabled appliances when needed. This will save you from numerous troubles, such as misbehaving appliances that were previously programmed to perform a certain duty but failed at doing so. If a particular appliance starts failing for any reason, then reprogramming it is the best way to fix it quickly without any clutter or confusion. As long as there are ways to fix an issue, reprogramming an appliance shouldn't take more than 3 minutes if done right away. The WeMo is easy to set up and all internet-enabled devices are compatible with the WeMo, as long as they have Wi-Fi connectivity. You could always use the WeMo app to manage and monitor your smart home straight from your phone or tablet. This way, you could easily control all WeMo-enabled appliances on your smartphone at any time and any place you want.

Final Thoughts

Google Home is a wise choice to rely on when looking for voice assistants. WeMo is among the most reputed brands in the electronics market and is known for producing reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient products that you can use to improve the way you live and interact with your home. If you're looking for a device to help monitor your home and make sure that it always works smoothly, then WeMo would be an excellent choice. With the wide scope of WeMo internet-enabled devices, you can easily create a modern and smart home without spending too much time. In fact, it is possible to set up a robust smart home with WeMo products. You don't have to have an in-house data center or server running in the background when you use WeMo products. A single device can serve as an entire server and work flawlessly just because it's connected to the internet.

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