How to Set Up My Smart Outlet With My Google Home Mini

Elizabeth Frank15 Jan 2022

If you’re as busy as I am, you know the only way to do everything is by owning a lot of technology. From smart clothes and smart homes to smart cars and smart toothbrushes, technology has become a necessity in our lives. But with all the technology, comes the need for power outlets. And if you don’t have enough power outlets in your home, you'll need a smart outlet that is compatible with your Google Home Mini. Here are some steps on how to set up my smart outlet with my Google Home Mini.

What Are Google Home Mini?

Google Home mini is the newest addition to Google’s home lineup. It’s a smaller, more affordable version of the company’s popular Google Home.  It has all the same features as its bigger counterpart, but it also runs on its own power level, so you don’t need to hook up your smart speaker to a wall outlet in order for it to work.  The Google Home Mini is perfect for small spaces where you might otherwise use a Bluetooth speaker or some other form of audio device.

What Are Smart Outlets?

A smart outlet is a device that you can plug in your Google Home Mini and control through voice commands. This will make your life so much easier. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to plug in your phone or tablet before you leave the house again.

If you have a compatible smart outlet, simply say, "Hey Google, switch on my smart outlet." Then, when you're ready to stop using it or turn off the power, say, "Hey Google, turn off my smart outlet."

Benefits Of Having Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that you can use to play music, ask questions, and control your home. Google Home Mini also has the capability to control other smart devices in your home. For example, you can use your Google Home Mini to turn on and off the thermostat or adjust the lights through voice commands.

Now that we understand why we want the Google Home Mini in our homes, let's talk about how to set up my smart outlet with my Google Home Mini. This will allow you to not only be able to control your smart home devices with your voice but also save electricity by turning off appliances when they're not in use.

Setting up your Google Home Mini

Here are the following steps to set up your google home mini with smart outlets:

1) Set up your Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Go into your settings and connect your Wi-Fi network with your smart outlet’s Wi-Fi connection.

2) Set up the power switch:

The next step is setting up the power switch on the outlet. The power switch needs to be turned off before you connect anything else to it because it is the first thing that will be connected in order for this process to work properly. If you have another plug on top of your current one, unscrew that plug so that only one plug is left on top of the outlet.

3) Set up Bluetooth connection:

Press and hold the “Bluetooth pairing button” until it starts flashing blue then press any key on your keyboard or say “Alexa” (if using an Amazon Echo). The power switch should now start flashing blue as well as another LED light next to it. This means that it is in pairing mode.

4) Set up the outlet with your Google Home Mini:

Google Assistant will now let you know when the device is connected and ready to use by saying “Ok, I’m connected to your Smart Plug.”  At this point, unplug the power switch from the outlet and plug in what you want to control. Once you have your device plugged in, press the power switch again. It will then say “Ok, I’m synced with your Smart Plug; try asking me for help or what to do next.” 

5) Connecting Google Home Mini:

After you have plugged in your device, you can now connect it to your Google Home Mini. Your Google Assistant should recognize the Smart Plug and let you know that you are all set up to use it by saying “Ok, everything is synced…” 

6) Control your smart outlet with your Google Home Mini:

After you have finished the setup, you can now control your outlet with your Google Home Mini. You can ask Google Assistant to turn on and off the device as well as change the power levels up or down. Commands that can be used are:

    “Turn my on/off” “Set my to 50%” “Increase my by 10%” “Decrease my by 20%”

    You can also ask your Google Assistant what the power percentage of your smart plug is currently at. Commands for this are:

    “What is the power level of my ?”  “How much is my on/off?” 

    For some Smart Outlets, you might need to use “Ok Google, Turn On/Off Plug Name.” You can also add more than one outlet and then you can turn them on or off simultaneously by saying “Ok Google, Turn On/Off All My Plugs.”

    This process is done for any smart device that you are trying to connect through your Google Home Mini. 


    Google Home Mini is the perfect device to use with your smart outlets. It gives you an easy way to control your lights, locks, and other home devices with your voice. And, when your Google Home Mini is connected to your smart outlet, you can activate it from the comfort of your bed without having to get out of bed.

    Google Home Mini provides you with the ability to control all your smart outlets with your voice and it also enables you to create a dedicated scene for your bedroom. And with Google Assistant and Google Home Mini, you can easily ask for updates on the news, weather, traffic, and more. A home assistant like Google Home Mini is an easy way to make your home a smart home for less.

Elizabeth Frank

Elizabeth Frank

Hope you enjoyed my post. I'm Liz, an interior designer that found her calling with smart gadgets.

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