How to Set Up WeMo Away Mode in Your Home?

Elizabeth Frank10 Feb 2022

Did you ever feel like your home was a computer screen away from being unusable? WeMo is a smart home automation system that lets you control your home’s devices from anywhere in the world. You can even set up WeMo Away Mode on your phone or tablet so that you can always be connected and always ready to take care of your home. No more missed calls, no more lost time at work. Continue reading to learn more about this away mode of WeMo.

What is WeMo Away Mode?

WeMo Away Mode is an optional setting that allows you to remotely control your WeMo devices while they are away from home. This feature allows you to keep your home clean and free of clutter while still being able to control the lights, lock doors, and other devices in the event of an emergency or power outage at home. As part of your account, you can set up this mode on WeMo's mobile app for iOS and Android. You can also set it up in your WeMo account.

How to Set Up WeMo Away Mode in Your Home?

Complete the below steps to set up Away Mode on your WeMo devices:

  1. From the My WeMo dashboard, click on "Rules."
  2. Click on "Add Away Mode Rule"
  3. Enter a name for the rule.
  4. Select whether the rule will trigger or not when my device is away from home from the dropdown menu.
  5. Pick an Away Mode action (e.g., lock doors, program timer) from the dropdown menu.
  6. Set your regular away setting to Set as normal setting and toggle on your newly created WeMo away mode rule.
  7. Create a new temperature setpoint with this value: Set it to 68 oF and toggle on the WeMo away mode rule you just created. (If it doesn't show up, refresh your browser)
  8. Adjust the volume set point to 68 oF and toggle on the WeMo away mode rule you just created (if it doesn't show up, refresh your browser).
  9. Now turn on Away Mode and test to see if everything works as you expect it to!

Note: Since this is such a common corner case, the Away Mode settings have been included in the WeMo app's settings menu. By selecting the "Home" symbol on your phone's home screen, you can launch the WeMo application. "WeMo Settings" is the first option on the left-hand side of the screen. Then select "My Devices" from the drop-down menu. Your Away Mode preferences will be presented in this section of the menu bar. Toggle these on to turn them on, just like previously. Once you've created an Away Mode rule and enabled it, you may modify the settings associated with it. To access the "Rules" section of your My WeMo dashboard or WeMo App, select "Rules." On a mobile device, select My Devices from the menu bar to access this screen. Open the Wemo App on your mobile device or tablet and navigate to Settings > My Devices > Rules on your device. Select a rule by tapping on its name. Rule parameters can be changed by going into its configuration settings and making any changes you need.

Using WeMo's Away Mode Rules

The WeMo switches are great at allowing you to automate the lighting on certain devices, but the software that runs your home just became an even better way of doing it. Using your phone or tablet as a remote control is easy and works well for controlling individual lights in general, but you can also create rules for specific kinds of actions by using WeMo Away Mode. This is a set of rules that can be created so that when someone enters a particular room in your house (for instance), a particular device will turn on or off. You may have more than one rule, and you can create them so that no actions are taken until someone enters, exits, moves around, etc. This can save you from accidentally turning off all the lights in the house with one tap of your phone after dinner.

The Advantages of WeMo Away Mode

WeMo Away Mode is a fantastic device to have in your home automation tool belt. However, it also has some other benefits beyond just its use as an automatic on/off switch. You can also use it to detect environmental changes, such as a sudden drop in your home's temperature. It's also great at detecting slow-moving objects like people and pets so that they won't accidentally trip the Smart Home switches or open any of the connected doors or gates. With other similar smart switches and accessories, you actually need to continuously leave your phone or tablet on for them to work correctly. The Wemo switches are far more tolerant of such interruptions since they won't function against a simply pulled cord; rather, they'll simply re-arm from where they last left off when you come back online. Most of the other options will simply turn off if you leave them online for too long so that you don't accidentally fall asleep with everything unplugged. With the Wemo switches, you can actually leave them online as long as you want without any concerns, and they'll still work fine when you come back. Another great benefit of using WeMo switches over both similar smart light bulbs and other regular switch options is that you won't trip the circuit breaker on your main electrical circuit when you leave your lights on. Many of these options will turn themselves off if they stay on too long, or at least kick in if you go upstairs to your bedroom or basement to sleep. Your power bill won't thank you!


WeMo Away Mode is a great way to keep your home energy costs down. When you set up WeMo Away Mode in your home, you can remotely manage energy use and save money on your energy bill. You can also use WeMo Away Mode to control your lights and appliances, so you can always have the right amount of power when you need it and the right time when you don’t. WeMo Away Mode helps you get the most out of your smart home setup by letting you control your devices and appliances while you're away. This allows you to save energy and make your life easier.

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